Welcome to my blog 

 I am going to spend a tutorial-  "how to paint roses " In this blog I will show live how to  paint flowers on fabric , furniture ... etc .
Here you can find my work on fabrics,fernitures...painted tablecloths , napkins , evening dresses , wedding dresses ,shoes, elements of regional costumes , handbags...All look beautiflly dacorated with glitter.

How to paint to achive very good effects

You have to paint with acrylic paints used for painting on fabric .Apply thin layer on washed before fabrics.Painted details need to be iron 5 minutes each after 24 hours drying.Dark coloured fabrics you have to prime with white paint  before applying colours layers. For better results dont wash your painted fabrics for 1-3 months, not all  painted fabrics are suitable for machine washing of course, some of them you have to clean  chemically like  genuine leather sheepskin coats, elements of regional costumes ...

How to wash painted fabrics

Painted fabrics desiged for machine washing you can wash  at 30 degrees at silk program with a small amount of detergent , lightly centrifuge , do not wring by hands,for longlasting effects handwash your painted fabrics,iron from the left side through the white papaer and it is ready ! Iron suitable to do the type of fabric.Welcome!